Skangas will Bunker LNG for Tallink’s Dual-fuel Ferry

| Finland
megastar dual-fuel

Tallink’s dual-fuel Megastar nears completion

The Tallink group has selected LNG energy solutions company Skangas as one of their LNG partners for the new LNG driven fast ferry Megastar, which her route between Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia next year. The two companies signed a contract securing the ferry liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel in Helsinki.

“Tallink has the aim to be the motivator for industry developments and it’s good to have strong partners in several countries, who share the same ambition – to drive the environmentally friendly energy usage and development of the supply chain in the region,” said head of ship management in the Tallink group, Captain Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik. “With Eesti Gaas [Estonia Gas] and Skangas we are well prepared to welcome Megastar to our fleet, to serve one of our most important and busiest routes“, Tuulik added.

For Megastar’s sea trial Skangas is delivering LNG directly at the Meyer wharf in Turku, Finland. Once in operation Skangas will deliver their first LNG in Vestre hamnen (West Harbour) in Helsinki. It is expected quayside LNG refuelling can be completed in one hour. An effective bunker operation by truck will take place while the ship unloads and loads passengers.

Megastar will be 212 meters long and will accommodate altogether 2800 passengers. She is a dual-fuel ferry and can use both LNG and marine diesel as fuel. With LNG, her environmental performance will improve much by creating low emissions of Sulphur or particles, Nitrogen and CO2.

“Annually we perform around 1000 LNG bunker operations in the Nordic countries, said Tommy Mattila, Director Marketing and Sales, Skangas. “Our recent partnership with Tallink underlines our capability of delivering according to the marine demands for efficient, safe and reliable LNG bunkering.”

(Source: Skangas)

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