Singapore’s MPA Incentivise Use of LNG Marine Fuel

| Singapore

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has extended its Green Ship Programme (GSP) to include ships using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as part of the authority’s longer term efforts to encourage LNG as a sustainable alternative fuel source. The measure is effective from July 1 this year.

In addition, the sulphur oxides limit under the Green Port Programme (GPP) will be reduced further to 0.5% for ships calling at the port to enjoy a flat rate of 25% concession in port dues for the use of LNG during their entire port stay. The GPP encourages ocean-going ships calling at the Port of Singapore to reduce the emission of pollutants. The program also requires ships burning clean fuels to initiate the switch to clean fuels for the main engine and auxiliary engine before entering Singapore Port Limits.

Both GSP and GPP falls under the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative (MSGI) launched by MPA is 2011. MPA says the initiative has received strong support.

MPA is also introducing two new programmes under the MSGI – The Green Awareness Programme (GAP) and The Green Energy Programme (GEP).

  • GAP focuses on creating awareness on possible avenues towards sustainable shipping.
  • GEP aims to promote adoption of alternate or cleaner marine fuels as well as wider adoption of energy efficient operational measures, in anticipation of developments on the global sulphur emissions cap. These efforts would come through support in asset and infrastructural development, as well as provision of various platforms for the industry to gain knowledge on these alternate fuels. To date SGD 12 million (USD 8.9m) has been committed towards the LNG pilot programme.

Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive of MPA said, “The extension of the MSGI Programme is a strong demonstration of our commitment towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable global hub port. We hope that the enhancement to the MSGI will incentivise the maritime industry to continue with their efforts to provide safe, efficient and sustainable shipping, notwithstanding the challenging economic environment. MPA will ensure that the MSGI remains relevant and supports the move towards a more Sustainable Singapore and global maritime community.”



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