SHI Builds for LNG Bunkering Market

| Korea, Seongnam

Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (SHI) has signed a contract to build two small-scale LNG carriers (LNGCs) at a total cost of approximately USD 100 million. The LNG carriers are to be constructed for KOGAS to transport LNG from Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do, to Jeju Island, a distance of approximately 230 kms. One of the carriers is to be built with LNG bunkering capability.

The 7,500㎥ LNG vessels will be equipped with the membrane-type KC-1 LNG cargo containment system (CCS) designed in Korea. KOGAS developed the corrugated membrane-type LNG CCS design concept for the KC-1 CCS in cooperation with DSME, Samsung Heavy Industries and Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyards in South Korea.

The contract signifies SHI’s entering into the promising LNG-bunkering market. 0.1% SOx regulation starting in 2020 would also increase demand for LNG-fueled vessels, which naturally leads to newbuild demand for LNG bunkering vessels.

The delivery dates are May and December of 2019.

(Source: Samsung Heavy Industries)

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