Shell and Chart open LNG Fueling Station in The Netherlands

| Czech Republic, Decin

Netherlands Ferox LNG Shell station at WaddinxveenChart continues to develop natural gas vehicle fueling infrastructure in The Netherlands with the opening of a Shell liquefied natural gas (LNG) truck refueling station in Waddinxveen, which is close to the port city of Rotterdam. Since Chart engineers completed commissioning the site has averaged 10 vehicles per day dispensing approximately 1500kg of LNG.

The Waddinxveen station operates 24/7, incorporates fueling of conventional fuels and LNG in the same area and is open to both the general public and Shell’s fleet customers. The LNG section includes all of Chart’s latest technical features for optimum safety, reliability and convenience with zero emissions to atmosphere. It is controlled and maintained through a remote monitoring system and proprietary ‘Saturation on the Fly’ concept which eliminates additional pre-cooling.

The station is equipped to serve all types of trucks and buses with saturated or cold liquid from 0 to 8 bar. The Dynaflow 3000 dispenser facilitates venting and fueling through one liquid line and can also fuel Volvo trucks fitted with the HPDI Euro VI engine. Like its counterparts installed at all other Chart supplied Shell LNG stations, the Dynaflow 3000 Dispensers are MID certified and designed for a safe and precise fueling operation.

The fueling process is fully intuitive and an experienced driver can fill a vehicle in approximately 3 minutes.

Source: Chart

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