Seitz Produces CNG Dispenser Valves for Truck Filling

| Switzerland, Wetzikon

Seitz 1" 3054 CNG valve for dispensersEugen Seitz AG in Switzerland, provider of solenoid valves and system solutions in the field of CNG filling stations with pressure ranges up to 350 bar, has formally introduced the next generation of 1″ CNG valves for truck filling. The company says that in comparison to the older generation of valves it has been able to increase the flow rate of the 1″ valve (type 3054, orifice size DN 18) by 20 %, which leads to a flow rate of Kv value 7.5 m3/h or Cv 8.7 usgal/min.

In 2014 the new valve generation ProValve Single was introduced with orifices of 8 (type 3051) and 12 mm (type 3052). Now in 2015 the new generation for orifice 18 (type 3054) is following.

Eugen Seitz AG is active in the US-market, where there is a demand for the high flow rates and fast filling times needed for truck filling. Therefore in 2014/2015 we designed a new 1″ valve (type 3054) to get the highest flow rate possible. This valve has been released successfully on to the market in the meantime.

According to the press release, the Kv / Cv values used nowadays are not precise in the case of compressed real gases. Instead of the water-based Kv-values, Seitz prefers a mass flow model with the parameters C and b according to ISO 6358 which enables a better comparison between the physical behaviours of compressed gases at different pressures. “We are able to calculate these values by simulation, but also measure these parameters in a new test bench with different pressures.”

(Source: Eugen Seitz AG)

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