Second LNG Refuelling Station for Sweden

| Sweden, Stockholm

Statoil Järna LNG Station

Swedish Statoil AB, part of Statoil Fuel & Retail ASA, together with gas supplier AGA have opened the Greater Stockholm region’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) refuelling station, in Järna. The station, the second for Sweden, is part of the ‘BiMe’ Trucks project in which Volvo Trucks is one of the participating companies. The project’s goals include 67 long-distance heavy duty trucks being powered by liquid biomethane and at least three filling stations, one each in Göteborg, Stockholm and Malmo.

‘BiMe’ is a reference to methane gas engine (MDE) technology using compressed and liquefied biomethane. The truck project is coordinated by Business Region Göteborg and will test LNG technology in road trials through to 2013.

Statoil and AGA say they are responding to a growing demand for clean alternative fuels. “We believe in the liquid vehicle as the most interesting alternative to diesel for heavy traffic and see this as the first step in a broad effort that segment,” said Roger Andersson, AGA Gas, New Business.

Statoil also has ten compressed natural gas (CNG) stations located throughout Stockholm and the Mälardalen area.

Sweden’s first LNG filling station was opened by FordonsGas Sverige AB in October 2010. The company’s goal was to have this station supplied with locally produced biomethane from a new biogas production plant in Lidköping.

Both Statoil and FordonsGas have expressed intention to build more LNG stations as demand grows.

(This article primarily compiled using information from a Swedish Statoil AB press release)

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