Second LCNG Refuelling Station to Open in Italy

| Italy

The first LCNG station was opened in August 2010.

Development in Italy of a liquified natural gas (LNG) distribution network is taking another step with the addition of a second public L-CNG (liquefied-to-compressed natural gas) station for the refueling of natural gas vehicles, to be located in Poirino (TO) – Strada Statale 29. The station is due to be opened in September.

Featuring Vanzetti Engineering S.r.l. technology, it will have a maximum capacity of 16 kg/min, delivering fuel at a speed equivalent to that of conventional fuels.

Vanzetti, also provider of technology for the first LCNG station, says these stations are ready for fueling LNG-powered heavy duty vehicles that will soon come on to the Italian market.

This article compiled using information from a Vanzetti Engineering S.r.l. press release.


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