SEAT Enhances CNG Leon with New 1.5 TGI Evo Engine

| Spain: Martorell | Source: SEAT

CNG-powered Leon now available with a new 1.5 TGI Evo engine

SEAT is enhancing the compressed natural gas-powered variant of the popular Leon with a new 1.5 litre TGI engine and increased CNG range with the integration of three gas tanks. Smart integration of three compressed natural gas tanks boosts range in CNG-only mode to 500km without compromising practicality and driveability.

The new bi-fuel Leon TGI Evo – built at SEAT’s Martorell facilities – continues the success of the Leon TGI and Leon ST TGI but advances the technology to make it even more relevant to the market and further push the uptake of CNG-fueled vehicles. SEAT is at the heart of the CNG trend, with compressed natural gas variants of the Ibiza, Mii and recently released Arona pushing adoption, and now joined by the Leon TGI Evo and Leon ST TGI Evo.

The Leon TGI Evo’s advanced turbocharged four-cylinder, direct-injection 1.5 litre engine, (based on the TSI petrol engine of the same capacity), integrates an advanced stop-start system, the latest generation of variable turbine geometry turbocharging systems and a Miller cycle combustion process to maximise efficiency and performance.

Components inside the engine have been re-engineered to meet the demands of running on CNG; chrome-nickel covered pistons incorporate new segments modified to use gas, as well as reinforced valve seats to increase wear resistance, and valves have been raised to improve gas circulation towards the interior of the chamber.

The Leon TGI Evo produces 130 PS of power at 5,000rpm – a 20PS increase over its 1.4 litre predecessor – and 200 Nm of torque between 1,400rpm and 4,000rpm and can be linked to either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

As with other vehicles in the SEAT CNG line-up, the Leon TGI Evo only uses petrol as an alternative fuel when the CNG tanks are empty, but there is now even greater CNG storage capacity as the SEAT Leon TGI Evo benefits from three gas tanks –  two of which benefit from advanced lightweight carbon fibre composite construction. The Leon TGI Evo has a gas capacity of 17.7kg giving a range of 500km in CNG mode, and, thanks to the automatic switch to petrol, the range is extended by an additional 150 km.

The Leon TGI Evo is thus cleaner and even better value for money, helped greatly by CNG’s efficiency over other fuels: the energy generated by 1kg of CNG is equivalent to 2 litres of LPG, 1.3 litres of diesel and 1.5 litres of petrol.

SEAT is committed to compressed natural gas as a technology that already exists and can be widely offered to customers. SEAT is the European brand with the most comprehensive CNG vehicle line-up, selling vehicles in numerous countries including Spain, Germany and Italy, and helping reduce CO2 and NOx emissions, give fuel price savings, and provide refuelling time and similar vehicles costs compared to diesel and petrol cars.

The Leon TGI Evo, which is available for the first time in FR and Xcellence – in addition to the Style trim –, adds to SEAT’s comprehensive CNG range, with vehicles that not only reduce emissions, environmental impact and running costs, but at the same time combine advanced technologies, driveability and stylish aesthetics.

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