Scania Tests Dedicated Euro 6 CNG Bus in Mexico

| Mexico, Mexico City

Scania CNG Bus Trial, Mexico CitySwedish automotive manufacturer Scania AB, through its national company Scania México, has introduced the first dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) Scania Euro 6 bus in Mexico for urban transport systems. The vehicle, which is known for its green technology and low emissions, started testing on Line 4 of Metrobus Transit System in Mexico City.

The evaluation period for the new 15 metre Scania bus consists of several weeks transit in areas of higher passenger density in the Mexican capital, with initial feedback reported to be positive, including performance equivalent to diesel powered engines.

The 28 km route runs from the terminal Buenavista to the Historic Center of the City of Palaces and arrives at Benito Juarez International Airport. The World Heritage Site was laid out over 500 years ago, with narrow streets and tight turning radii. At the conclusion of testing in Mexico City, the the CNG bus will be tested in different cities of the Mexican Republic.

Scania CNG Bus touring Mexico City's Heritage precinct

Scania CNG Bus touring Mexico City’s Heritage precinct

Dordilly Arnaud, President and CEO of Scania Commercial Operations Mexico, explained the Scania 9 litre engine solutions dedicated to gas (natural or biogas), with Euro 6 certification, was selected because “The Scania gas engines technology is extremely beneficial for city driving with frequent stops and starts. This same offers excellent operating results, with nearly 100% reduction in emissions of pollutants.”

Guillermo Calderon, Director Metrobus said they will have to wait for the test results to analyze the possibility of incorporating this type of motor to one of the most important lines of the capital. “Undoubtedly, it is a good option to improve the environment of the City of Mexico,” he concluded.

(Source: Scania México)

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