Scania Scores Distribution Category for 2018 Sustainable Truck of the Year

| Italy, Trento

Scania P Series - Sustainable Truck of 2018 (Distribution)The Scania gas-fuelled P-series truck has been selected as Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018 in Italy for the Distribution category. The Italian award is organized by Vado e Torno, one of the main trucking magazines in Italy.

The competition has three categories: Tractor, Distribution and Van. Scania’s new generation won the Sustainable Truck of the Year award in the Tractor category in 2017.

Under the auspices of the Italian trade magazine Vado e Torno, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan, the awards jury examined all 2017 product news, noting that gas is increasingly seen as the road ahead to sustainable transport.

Scania P340 at McDonalds

Scania P340 at McDonalds

“For Scania, sustainability and addressing the environmental footprint of transportation is a key element in its strategy,” it said. “Scania’s research and development each day focuses on reducing fuel consumption and operational costs. The fully automated Opticruise transmission, combined with 5-cylinder 280 and 340 hp compressed gas engines, shows Scania’s awareness of its customers’ needs. Moreover, drivability in the gas distribution truck reaches the highest level ever.”

Franco Fenoglio, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Italscania, accepted the award delivered at the Ecomondo exhibition in Rimini on November 7.

Online news service Megamodo reported Mr Fenoglio as saying the award was “an acknowledgment that further consolidates Scania’s commitment to deliver state-of-the-art transport solutions both on the front of sustainability, environmental and economic security.”

Source: Scania – an associate member of NGV Global

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