Scania Introduces Euro 6 CNG City Bus to Peru

| Peru, Lima
Scania ómnibus Euro 6

Scania Euro 6 city bus

Swedish truck and bus manufacturer Scania has introduced into the Peruvian market the first Euro 6 CNG (compressed natural gas) bus for urban transport systems. The launch vehicle was conducted during the IV SIBRT Conference on Best Practices in Latin America, held in Lima in August.

“Scania has international experience in the development of innovative low carbon solutions for the public transport of passengers. We also have success stories in Latin America and we offer our first urban CNG buses Euro 6 for the Peruvian market in this important part of the renewal of the transport system in Lima,” said Emilio Müller, Managing Director of Scania Commercial Operations Peru.

Designed especially for the use of gas as fuel, the 12-metre 280 horsepower bus can work with compressed natural gas (CNG) or biomethane. It is equipped with a five-cylinder 9300 cc engine Otto cycle.

As part of its portfolio for the urban segment in Peru under this same Euro 6 gas technology, Scania will also offer 15- and 18- metre vehicles and a 320 hp engine.

The Euro 6 Swedish gas technology is a reality in Europe and recently reached Latin America as a solution for urban mobility in cities in the region. Countries such as Colombia and Mexico have already tested the vehicle in their BRT systems and now Lima operators will be able to test the benefits of Scania buses in the coming months.

Besides the low emissions of particulate matter (PM) – which from an environmental point of view is a necessity and trend in large cities – the new Scania CNG-powered buses are also extremely quiet, ideal for transit in areas urban.

According to Juan Carlos Place, Sales Manager Commercial Vehicle Operations Peru Scania, Scania’s new technology has important technical advantages, including a high tolerance to variations in fuel specification, and can work with different grades of gas without the need to adjust the engine.

(SIBRT – Integrated Transportation Systems and Bus Rapid Transit)

(Source: Scania Peru)

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