Scania Boosts XT Range with CNG Truck for Construction Industry

| Sweden: Södertälje

Scania XT CNG for construction industry - cylinder mountingFollowing the successful launch of the new generation XT construction range, Scania has now expanded its product offer with natural gas-powered XT trucks. With these new trucks, Scania has developed a sustainable alternative for the construction industry, with significantly-reduced carbon emissions.

Its new 410 horsepower 13-litre gas engine makes Scania’s gas trucks suitable for the rigours of construction transport assignments. The truck comes equipped with eight 118-litre compressed gas (CNG) tanks. The tanks are fitted in an elevated position along the frame to achieve a higher ground clearance, which is advantageous when driving on unpaved roads and in construction sites.

No compromise on diesel variant

“This is in all respects a normal construction truck without any compromises in relation to a comparable diesel variant,” says Product Manager Zoran Stojanovic, Scania Trucks. “It offers, the same PTO performance for powering the required construction truck systems.”

The XT gas truck will satisfy several versatile construction industry applications, especially in transports to and from city centres where concerns over air quality have prompted traffic limitations. It will be equally competitive in countries with an abundant gas supply, where gas is often available at a lower cost than diesel.

Scania XT CNG for construction industryThe gas-powered XT can be gainfully deployed in tipper, crane and hook-lift configurations. The operative range as a tipper truck will be up to 500 kilometres on paved roads.

It can also be utilised as a concrete mixer. In areas where there is intensive inner-city construction, more building sites need to be supplied within the two-hour time limit before the concrete is discharged.

“With increasing environmental traffic restrictions in many cities, the introduction of gas trucks will certainly be a welcome alternative,” says Product Manager Magnus Gustavsson, Scania Trucks, Construction.

Source: Scania

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