San Bernardino Expands NGV Fleet

| USA, San Bernadino CA | Source: Government Fleet

San Bernardino’s Fleet Management Division has purchased new compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles to further green the fleet, reports Government Fleet. New vehicles purchased include two new CNG-powered street sweepers, one new CNG-powered storm drain/sewer cleaning truck, seven LNG-powered automated side loader refuse trucks, two LNG-powered front loaders, and one LNG powered roll off bin truck.

The fleet already has 21 dedicated CNG vehicles (light, medium, and heavy duty), and 57 dedicated LNG heavy duty vehicles.

The city also has a public 24/7 natural gas fueling station.

Other public-sector fleets will soon be able to purchase LNG, provided they can provide proof of safety training related to safely fueling LNG-fueled vehicles.


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