Sacramento BioDigester Named International Bioenergy Project of the Year

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Sacramento BioDigesterCleanWorld, a US anaerobic digestion company, is the recipient of the “International Bioenergy Project of the Year” for its ground-breaking Sacramento BioDigester facility in Sacramento, California, and in recognition of its internationally-acclaimed success in developing, building, and operating proprietary, US-made technologies that produce renewable natural gas and bioelectricity from food and organic waste.

Competing against a field of sixteen applicants representing bioenergy projects across the globe, CleanWorld received the award at the Renewable Energy World-Power Engineering Awards Gala in Orlando, edging out bioenergy projects from four continents.

The Sacramento BioDigester, the largest anaerobic digestion system of its kind in North America, converts 25 tons of food waste per day into various forms of renewable energy
including heat, electricity, and natural gas, in addition to producing fertilizer and soil enhancements for California farms. The success of the Phase I facility had the company
announce the groundbreaking of a Phase II facility that would expand its size three-fold, to 100 tons per day of food waste, or nearly 40,000 tons per year.

In June this year, the plant began providing renewable compressed natural gas (CNG) to the adjacent CNG Fueling Station operated by Atlas Disposal — providing clean renewable fuel for the company’s waste hauling fleet. The fueling station produces the only commercially available fuel that has negative carbon intensity in the US, meaning it destroys more carbon than it creates.

“CleanWorld is tremendously excited to see our anaerobic digestion technology receive widespread attention and recognition in the US and around the globe,” said Michele Wong, Chief Executive Officer for the Northern California based company.

The facility will produce 700,000 diesel gallons per year of renewable CNG and prevent the release 18,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, while also producing eight million gallons a year of organic soils and fertilizer products for Sacramento area farms and generating one million kilowatts of electricity  to be used to power the facility and the adjacent fueling station.

Through their magazines and websites, Power Engineering and Renewable Energy World provide a voice for the power generation industry and the renewable energy world respectively.

(Source: CleanWorld)

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