Russia’s Blue Corridor Event Communicates NGV Benefits

| Russia

Kamaz vehicles on display in Volgograd, as part of the Blue Corridor rally

A column of 15 natural gas vehicles (NGVs), participants in Russia’s 5th Blue Corridor Rally, have reached journey’s end in Moscow having covered 3,600 kilometres. Starting in Ekaterinburg on October 19th, the Rally has passed through a succession of 10 regional capitals, drawing attention to the benefits of natural gas as a fuel for transportation and developing or refining protocols toward sector expansion with authorities and gas companies.

NGVRUS, the National Gas Vehicles Association of Russia, says that in all regions traversed a fundamental understanding of the unique combination of advantages inherent in natural gas was communicated, namely:

  • natural gas – the most secured hydrocarbon motor fuels
  • natural gas – the most environmentally friendly motor fuel
  • natural gas – the most technologically safe motor fuel
  • natural gas – the most economically attractive motor fuel

Roundtable discussions drew attention to economic indicators for NGVs. In the traversed regions the cost of compressed natural gas ranged from 7 to 10 rubles per cubic meter (USD 0.23 – 0.33) . At the same time the equivalent one litre of gasoline or diesel fuel cost an average of 25 rubles (USD 0.82), and the retail price of one liter of LPG reached 18 rubles (USD 0.59). NGVRUS explains data collected over 10 years for the NEFAZ-5299-30-31 natural gas bus saves  of the 5.3 million rubles (USD 173,530) when compared to a diesel version. Similarly, a KAMAZ-65115-30 dump truck operating on CNG saves 6.5 million rubles (USD 212,823) in fuel costs.

Rally vehicles included Volkswagen, Mercedes, Samand, buses by NEFAZ, LIAZ and MAN and utility vehicles on KAMAZ chassis. All finished the journey without any complications.

Throughout the rally Gazprom and KAMAZ united to offer local authorities a complete solution : the rolling stock that runs on natural gas and fueling infrastructure.

(This article compiled using information from an NGVRUS press release. Images from Kamaz)


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