Russian Gas to Boost Croatia’s Fledgling NGV Fleet

| Russia and Croatia
Earlier discussions will see pipeline branches extending into Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Proposed South Stream Gas Route

Natural gas vehicle growth in the Republic of Croatia, currently standing at about 150 vehicles, will be boosted by the signing of a Roadmap agreement by Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak, Gazprom’s Alexander Medvedev and Chief Executive Officer of the state-owned LNG Croatia, Mladen Antunovic. The roadmap calls for the implementation of projects for natural gas use as a motor fuel in Croatia.

The roadmap is part of discussions focusing on the South Stream gas pipeline project which will feed Russian gas into several European countries via Bulgaria.

The document defines the priority action plan for Gazprom to cooperate with Croatian transportation companies and logistic operators as part of the pilot projects for municipal bus fleets gasification in Croatia.

In addition, an agreement was reached on rendering assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses, permits and admittances for NGV projects as well as promoting the legislative initiatives for creating favorable conditions to develop cooperation.

The South Stream pipeline is to carry up to 63 billion cubic meters/year of Russian gas across the Black Sea to Bulgaria, from where it will go to Serbia-Hungary-Slovenia and on to northern Italy.

(Source: Gazprom)

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