Rosneft and Galileo Plan NGV Market Expansion in Russia

| Russia

GNC Galileo S.A. and OJSC Rosneft agreementIgor Sechin, President and Chairman of the Management Board of Russian oil and gas company OJSC Rosneft, and Osvaldo del Campo, CEO of GNC Galileo S.A., an Argentina-based natural gas applied technology provider, have signed an agreement of cooperation aimed at the expansion of use of gas as motor fuel in Russia.

The document envisages the organization of cooperation between the companies aimed at the extension of use of natural gas as motor fuel in Russia, which will allow boosting the economical efficiency and energy security of the transport network of Russia. Moreover the implementation of the agreement will ease the negative impact on the environment.

Commenting on the signing Igor Sechin said: “The agreement with one of the world leaders in CNG and LNG technology is an important landmark in the context of the realization of the orders of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. Moreover the agreement will allow Rosneft to strengthen its share on the Russian CNG and LNG market by expanding the geography of operations and providing a whole new service level to its customers”.

“We are pleased to place our 30 years’ technological experience at Rosneft’s service to profit from the abundant natural gas resources in Russia, and bring a cheaper and environmentally friendly fuel to consumers. The purpose of our gas compressors, liquefaction systems, dispensers, virtual pipelines and customized solutions is to accompany consumers on their shift to a more sustainable future”, added Osvaldo del Campo

(Source: Galileo)

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