Rolande LNG Opens Filling Station in Central Netherlands

| Netherlands, Giessen

Rolande LNG Station Utrecht Oct2015 600Rolande LNG B.V. (Rolande), a Dutch specialist in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) for road transport applications, has opened an LNG filling station in Utrecht. The new station, the third this year, is located on Heldinnenlaan, near the A2 exit to Maarssen. The arrival of this LNG filling station along the A2 means the fuel is now available to fleets in the central Netherlands.

The new station also supplies compressed natural gas (CNG). Rolande has this year already completed and opened an LNG filling station in Tilburg and a second station at Veghel.

Rolande explains more and more transport companies are discovering the advantages of driving on LNG, taking advantage of cost savings while contributing to a sustainable living environment with cleaner and quieter travel. Driving on LNG improves air quality through lower emissions of CO², among others. A truck with gas engine drives 75% quieter than a diesel engine. A practical advantage of this is that the purpose of sustaining supermarkets is much easier on the surrounding area.

Rolande LNG offers its customers the ability to take on both the truck and fuel into one lease and has a relationship for this purpose with sister company Iveco Schouten for the supply of IVECO tractors. Over 250 trucks are presently operating on LNG in the Netherlands and that number is growing.


(Source: Rolande LNG)

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