Rolande Adds Nieuwegein to LNG Station Network

| The Netherlands, Almkerk

Rolande_LNG_nieuwegeinDutch LNG fuel supplier Rolande LNG B.V. (Rolande) has opened a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling station in Nieuwegein, near exit 28 of the A27, raising the number of LNG stations in its expanding network to five. Like Rolande’s station at Geldermalsen, the new station is set up to dispense LNG only. The other Rolande stations in Tilburg, Veghel and Utrecht are equipped with both LNG and CNG.

Rolande describes LNG as the only economic and sustainable alternative to diesel in the European transport sector. Driving on LNG delivers cost savings; improves air quality; lowers CO² emissions; and lowers engine noise, 75% quieter than a diesel engine.

Rolande committed prominently to turn LNG on the map for the Dutch transport transport. That works well. Partly because Rolande claims to be the sole LNG provider that controls the entire chain and supplies: expert truck to LNG. Rolande assists carriers in their transition from diesel to LNG. Rolande allows customers to record both the truck and the fuel into one lease. Risks are covered here as value and maintenance costs. Rolande LNG can provide at this time in cooperation with sister company of Online IVECO Iveco Schouten tractors generating substantial savings for the carrier. Presently has over 250 trucks on LNG in the Netherlands and that number is growing.



Cryostar, an NGV Global corporate member, was selected by Rolande eraly 2015 to equip the new stations with the latest technology, such as “on the fly” saturation and its Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)-approved 2.0 LNG dispenser. In addition to these new technologies, Cryostar LNG pump skids, control systems, and high pressure cryogenic pumps complete the equipment package for the project.

Project “LNG4Haul”

The LNG station development is part of the “LNG4Haul” project, for which Rolande LNG received funding from the European Commission’s TEN-T program. The project aims to create The Netherland’s first network of LNG stations, linking with LNG corridors being built along Europe’s heavy transportation corridors to make driving on LNG for medium to long distance possible. Additionally, the project will collect representative field data to inform transport companies about the benefits of driving on LNG.

Rolande LNG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iveco Dealer Schouten.

(Source: Rolande LNG)

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