RNG for Transport Fuel Network in Grand Est, France

| France: Fère Champenoise | Source: GRTgaz

La Mont Blanche biogas plant inaugurated Jun 2019Xavier Roy and Jean-Pierre Lacuisse, farmers in the Marne communes of Fère Champenoise and Lenharrée in north-eastern France, have officially inaugurated the site of La Monte Blanche in the presence of elected officials, ADEME and local economic actors. This biogas plant will use 10,000 tonnes of inputs annually to supply fuel equivalent to that used by 70 buses running on natural gas.

In operation since November 2018, La Monte Blanche produces 16.5 million kilowatt-hours of renewable gas from energy-related intermediate crops (CIVE) and local agro-industrial co-products (sugar mill, starch mill, cereal as Jean Goyard Distillery). The Monte Blanche also produces a digestate, natural fertilizer collected at the end of the methanation process and can be spread in fields as a substitute for chemical fertilizers.

The Monte Blanche represents a total investment of 6.2 million euros and has received financial support from ADEME (up to 15% of the total investment) as part of its regional strategy for developing anaerobic digestion, as well as the technical assistance of the design office aubois Artaim Conseil.

“We went into the production of biomethane, convinced that it responded to a desire of consumers to access local and sustainable energy. We are proud to be able to count on GRTgaz for the injection of this renewable gas into the transport network”, said Xavier Roy, one of the two owners of the La Monte Blanche production unit.

With 14 sites in operation today, the Grand Est region leads France for biomethane injection. Nationally, 88 facilities inject biomethane into the gas networks and 760 projects are under study (Source: GRTgaz biomethane dashboard – April 2019).

This development reflects the strong interest of the territories for this non-intermittent and easily storable renewable energy, which provides concrete solutions in terms of support for agriculture, circular economy and waste treatment, land-use planning and creation. local jobs.

(Grand Est was formerly known as Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine.)

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