Republic Services Replaces Aged Diesel Fleet with CNG Vehicles

| USA, Eden Prairie MN

Republic Services CNG Waste Collection VehicleRepublic Services, Inc. has deployment of 23 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) solid waste and recycling trucks to serve customers throughout the Twin Cities area of the U.S. State of Minnesota. The new CNG fleet will replace older diesel powered trucks, and represents a significant local investment in cleaner, safer and more efficient vehicles.

“Republic is serious about reducing ozone-forming emissions wherever possible, and leaving a cleaner and healthier community for our children and grandchildren,” said Bryan Zimmermann, area president of Republic Services. “Our employees are proud to live and work in the Twin Cities, and we are excited to do our part to improve the environment through local investments in natural gas fueling stations and natural gas powered trucks.”

Republic installed a natural gas fueling station to support its new fleet of CNG powered trucks in the Twin Cities. Natural gas fueling stations enable CNG trucks to fuel during non-peak hours, which has the added benefit of reduced energy consumption during the refueling process.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, each new CNG solid waste and recycling truck reduces ozone-forming emissions by as much as 80 percent when compared to older diesel powered trucks. In addition, each new CNG truck deployed is equivalent to removing five passenger vehicles from local roads for one year, or to adding 600 mature trees into the local environment.

Republic operates a fleet of more than 1,400 CNG vehicles and 26 natural gas fueling stations nationwide. Approximately 50 percent of all Republic vehicles purchased in 2013 are powered by the domestic fuel source.

(Source: Republic Services)

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