Report on Design and Construction of Liquefied Biomethane Station in Sweden

| Sweden, Göteborg | Source: Biogasmax

Sweden’s first liquified biomethane facility fuels long distance transporters.

Biogasmax has produced a report entitled Report on experiences from Liquefied and Compressed Methane Gas (LCMG) filling station demonstration. It documents the design and construction of a FordonsGas Sverige AB filling station, developed with input from Volvo Trucks and other biomethane suppliers, for the dispensing of liquefied biomethane to heavy duty vehicles. The filling station was opened in October last year.

The Biogasmax report says there are two main reasons for developing LCMG (also generally referred to as LCNG) as a complement to existing methane infrastructure in Sweden. Firstly, it improves the conditions for transporting biomethane in a country where there is no widespread grid for distribution. Secondly, liquefied gas increases the possible driving range for trucks compared to compressed natural gas. This increases competitiveness for mid- and long-range vehicles, especially for vehicles equipped with dual-fuel technology.

The report states there are no standards that define the design criteria for an LCMG filling station. Emphasis has therefore been on compliance to current regulations and on technical design criteria that will enable all trucks to refuel at the station.

It is written to summarize the experiences from developing and building the first LMG/LCMG filling station open to public in Sweden. The report was written while the filling station was still under construction, therefore, no experiences from in-use operation are included. The experiences described are based on planning, order process, development issues and execution of construction.

The new station is located in Göteborg, beside the E6 motorway supporting transit routes between Malmö – Göteborg – Oslo/Stockholm.

The report is available from Biogasmax.

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