RenuEn Landfill Gas Directed to US Trucking Fleets

| USA, St. Cloud FA

RenuEn Corporation, a Renewable Energy Development Company, whose core activity is the development, design, construction, financing and operation of landfill gas to CNG projects across the United States, has entered a five year agreement for the purchase of 3,750,000 Gas Gallon Equivalents (GGE) from their St. Cloud Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) facility. The agreement is with Al-Gahry Trading, a Dubai UAE based exporting firm to be used for their US based trucking firms.

Don Wood, CEO of RenuEn, stated, “Today I can finally announce a long awaited contract to purchase CNG from our soon to be completed St. Cloud landfill project. Phase one of our designed facility is capable of producing approximately 62,500 GGE per month, or 750,000 GGE per year and this purchase agreement will account for 100% of the production from the first phase of the project. In phase two, which is currently in development, we will be adding a connection to a natural gas pipeline that runs parallel to the St. Cloud facility allowing us to mix natural gas with our renewable landfill gas [biomethane]. We will have the capability to blend twenty percent landfill gas with eighty percent natural gas, allowing us to increase our yearly production to over 3,000,000 GGE per year and still meet the Federal Government criteria of renewable gas.”

Executive Vice President J. Charles Nemes explained, “this agreement will now facilitate the collaboration of a joint effort with RenuEn to bring MBM Brand CNG trucks and engines to the United States for use by many of the largest and respected trucking companies. As more and more trucking companies convert to CNG technology, RenuEn, through our international relationship with Mocker and Al Gahry, will be positioned to offer expanded CNG services to all of our clients. MBM trucks use German designed and engineered technology and they are capable of supplying CNG trucks and engines that meet full US specifications.”

(Source: RenuEn Corporation)

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