Reduced Cost CNG Fueling Solution Introduced in USA

| USA, Houston TX
The Nat G 500 ready to ship

Nat G 500 Series CNG Fuel Station, shown with optional fast fill system, ready to ship.

Nat G CNG Solutions LLC, based in Houston, Texas has introduced its new Nat G 500 Series compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fueling station for mid-sized fleets, priced starting at USD 59,900 after a federal tax credit. The Nat G 500 Series delivers up to 23 gasoline gallon equivalents (gge) of CNG per hour when configured as a time fill unit and is also available in fast fill to provide up to 80 gge of instant fill capacity.

The entire system comes pre-assembled and can be skid-mounted to allow for easy transportation and simple installation.

“The Nat G 500 Series is a fully integrated fueling station on a skid,” said Balu Balagopal, Co-CEO of Nat G CNG Solutions. “It is available in time fill and fast fill configurations and is the first system of its kind to break the $100,000 price barrier. With the 500 Series, medium-sized fleets can enjoy the cost savings and convenience of having a fuel station right at their own facility.”

The compressor is provided by Sauer Compressors USA.

“We are enthusiastic about Nat G introducing its new skid-mounted CNG fueling system to the US market,” said Don Eaton, President and CEO of Sauer Compressors USA. “Sauer Compressors offer the performance and reliability fleet customers need. We have been pleased to work with Nat G to develop a fully-integrated fueling system product that makes private CNG refueling truly affordable for mid-sized fleet customers.”

The Nat G 500 Series is available on a zero-dollar, five-year lease starting as low as 25 cents per gallon or $1,200 per month for a time fill unit. A typical customer can produce CNG fuel for around $1.00 per gallon using the Nat G 500 Series (actual fuel cost depends on the customer’s natural gas and electricity rates).

Nat G CNG Solutions also offers larger units like the Nat G 1000 Series and full-sized commercial stations.

(Source: Nat G Gas Solutions LLC)

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