Record Vehicular Dual-Fuel Conversion Order Month For WheelTime Network, USA

| USA, Lynnfield MA

American Power Group Corporation’s network of WheelTime dealers had a record order month for American Power Group’s (“APG”) V5000 Dual Fuel Turbocharged® Natural Gas Systems. The following order activity is highlighted by the applicable WheelTime Dealer Member company.

Clarke Power Services, Inc. received a follow-on order for twenty APG Dual Fuel Gliders™ from a food-grade bulk hauling customer who had initially purchased ten dual fuel gliders in March for evaluation purposes. Net fuel savings and the lighter weight of a glider were the key economic drivers for what is now the largest APG dual-fuel fleet on the road at thirty Class 8 trucks.

Additionally, Clarke Power has booked an evaluation order for conversion of two Class 8 trucks for one of the top twenty For-Hire Carriers in the U.S. According to 2013 Transport Topics Top 100 For Hire Carrier survey this carrier operates over 3,500 vehicles in the U.S.

Clarke Power also has outstanding quotes with another four of the top-twenty for-hire fleets who collectively operate in excess of 27,000 trucks per the 2013 Transport Topics Top 100 For Hire Carrier survey.

United Engines LLC is working in collaboration with APG who received an initial evaluation order for nine APG dual-fuel systems from a high-profile, family owned food service customer located in Oklahoma. This new anchor customer will help open up a region offering some of the lowest natural gas prices in the United States. APG will coordinate all aspects of this approximate $290,000 conversion order with United Engines. We expect to complete the conversion of five trucks during the June quarter and provide systems for four new Freightliner APG Dual Fuel Gliders™ during our fourth quarter.

Penn Commercial Vehicle Solutions has booked an initial evaluation order for five APG dual-fuel systems with a large regional textile services company in Pennsylvania. The order will target conversion of 2007-2009 model year trucks in their fleet.

Interstate Power Systems has received a follow-on order for four APG Dual Fuel Gliders™ from a Freightliner dealer who purchased its initial dual fuel glider in April. The dealer specializes in glider kits and is primarily focused on heavy-duty Class 8 trucks servicing the oil & gas exploration and production industry which reportedly has 190,000 heavy-duty trucks operating on a daily basis in North America.

Lyle Jensen, American Power Group Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are pleased to see the WheelTime Dealer Network open up new regions in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma where there has been strong state support for the expansion of natural gas vehicles. The diversity of end markets and the wide range of model years being converted continue to demonstrate the universal application of APG’s Dual Fuel Turbocharged® technology.”

Mr. Jensen further stated, “One of the more exciting emerging trends we see is the success our 2014/2015 APG Dual Fuel Glider™ is having in side by side customer evaluation tests with dedicated natural gas engines. The Series 60 12.7L APG dual-fuel glider is outperforming and experiencing less maintenance downtime then their dedicated natural gas engine counterpart. We have always believed our dual-fuel system was going to be more than just a transition technology to dedicated natural gas engines and early indications are showing the APG Dual Fuel Glider™ is becoming an alternative mainstream natural gas vehicular choice for the Class 8 trucking industry. As of today, we have an industry leading 453 EPA OUL approvals covering six of the top seven engines on the road and have shipped over 250 vehicular dual fuel vehicular conversion systems in North America and over 150 internationally.”

(Source: APG)


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