Querétaro State Plans Conversion of Diesel Public Transport Buses to CNG

| Mexico, Querétaro | Source: El Economista

Luis Enrique Moreno Cortes, Director of the Department of Transportation for the central Mexican state of Querétaro, has announced his government’s intention to implement conversions of public transportation buses from diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG), to take advantage of the benefits offered by this fuel including reduced emissions. It is estimated that each year in the state, 10.490 million tons of CO2 are generated annually, of which 32% is produced by transport.

“Natural gas buses already are arriving in Mexico. Although they cost a little more, the economic benefits and international costs of natural gas make them very attractive buses to operate,” said Cortes.

In addition, through various financial measures and introduction of operational efficiencies, the public transportation fleet will be reduced by some 400 buses.

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