Querétaro State Governor Inaugurates CNG Station for Public Transport

| Mexico, Queretaro

In north-central Mexico, the Querétaro State Governor José Calzada Rovirosa led the inauguration of a compressed natural gas (CNG) station project to provide a cleaner, more economical fuel for public transport. In the first phase, 285 taxis and 20 buses in the metropolitan area are to be converted to CNG. Governor Rovirosa urged support of the initiative, called for commitment to a “Querétaro with a better quality of life”.

In order to reduce the emission of pollutants in the state, promote ecological status and provide a better quality of life for Queretaro, the State President said that “this meeting sets a precedent with regard to social responsibility of entrepreneurs in our entity, but also to those who support us with the public transport system in the state of Queretaro, who strive to improve, strive to bring more income to their homes, but also strive to contribute to have a sustainable Querétaro.

Last November, when the CNG project was first mooted, it was estimated that the State of Querétaro generates 10.490 million tons of CO2 are generated annually, of which 32% is produced by transport.

At the ceremony, entrepreneur Joshua Hernandez Tapia said that the bill “will bring great ecological and economical benefits, for users as well as savings to the Federal Government subsidies to gasoline”. He said that by implementing this project, the government of Querétaro has set a precedent nationwide, referring to granting economic incentives to users to adopt this fuel, creating rules, standards and controls for orderly development and promoting and supporting the development of the natural gas as a vehicle fuel.

(Source: Government of Querétaro)

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