Quantum Solution for CNG-based Navistar DT 466

| USA, Lake Forest CA

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., manufacturer of natural gas storage systems, integration and vehicle system technologies, has supplied its Q-Lite™ storage tanks for use in Nat G CNG Solutions’ recently introduced CNG-based Navistar spark-ignited DT 466 vehicle application.  Nat G CNG Solutions, based in Houston, Texas, performed the system integration of the tanks and installation of the CNG system on the Navistar trucks.

“We have partnered with Nat G on several vehicle programs, but this is the first opportunity to work together on a heavy duty vehicle platform and we are excited about this growing opportunity,” said Brian Olson, President and CEO of Quantum.

“The Texas market for natural gas vehicles continues to grow with leading customers like Matera Paper. These repowered CNG box trucks, with engines designed and built by NGV Motori USA, allow us to achieve a 75% reduction in NOx while improving fuel costs by more than 35%,” stated Bob Lukefahr, Co-CEO of Nat G CNG Solutions. “Quantum’s tanks offer the ideal combination of high capacity, low weight, and industry-leading reliability required for this demanding application.”

Quantum’s Q-Lite™ advanced fuel storage tanks and systems m­­aximizes a vehicle’s range allowing for reduced weight, increased natural gas capacity and performance.  The Q-Lite™ patented technology allows light-to-medium to heavy-duty trucks to get the most out of its fuel storage capacity than any other compressed natural gas tanks in the market.

(Source: Quantum)

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