Quantum Lite Virtual Pipeline Trailer To Deliver Dairy RNG

| USA: Lake Forest CA | Source: Quantum Fuel Systems LLC

Quantum 10ft mobile trailerSan Diego based Quantitative BioSciences, Inc. (QBI) has set about purifying gas harvested from dairy waste and preparing it for use as a fuel for transportation. To complement that project, QBI is partnering with Quantum Fuel Systems (Quantum) and purchasing their 10’ Virtual Pipeline trailers to deliver the biogas to where it is needed.

QBI, with funding from the California Energy Commission, has partnered with the family owned and operated Fiscalini Cheese Company in Modesto, California, to develop a biofuels production facility that will purify and compress the biomethane from anaerobic digesters into vehicle fuel.

Adding to the environmental benefits of the project, simple raceway algae ponds will be used to clean the farm’s wastewater, consume the carbon dioxide from the biogas, and grow renewable algae biomass to supplement the feed for the farm’s cows.

The goal of the project is to make 450 Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE) of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) per day and to demonstrate that algae can help a farm extract the maximum value from its waste by converting it to both fuel and feed.

“We are going to be producing enough fuel for 10-20 trucks per day, and we were looking for a way to get this fuel to a local CNG fleet via a virtual pipeline. Quantum’s trailers provided the perfect solution,” commented Natalie Cookson, CEO of QBI. “As California faces increasing strains on both our finite energy resources and limited water supplies, we are hoping to demonstrate ways in which a farm can maximize its resources and become increasingly self-sufficient. Our forward-thinking partners at Fiscalini Cheese Company are very excited to serve as the demonstration site for this farm-of-the-future concept.”

Quantum 10ft mobile trailer

“There is an abundance of dairy waste producing biomethane on farms all over the country. As more farms realize the benefits of capturing and selling this gas as fuel, our trailers will help bring more Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to market,” said Mark Arold, president, Quantum Fuel Systems LLC, an industry leader in alternative fuel systems for the automotive and heavy duty industries.

Quantum’s 10-foot modular container has a gaseous capacity of approximately 83,635 Standard Cubic Feet (SCF) and weighs less than 9,000 pounds empty, and less than 12,500 pounds fully loaded. It is equipped with 8 (or 6) Type 4 CNG tanks and can be towed by a ¾-ton pickup truck. The VPLite6/8 is available now in the United States and will be certified for use in Canada soon with worldwide availability to follow.

Quantum will be at Booth #912 at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo (ACT) in Long Beach, CA April 24-25. Check out their gas storage and transportation solutions.

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