Quantum Lite Large-Diameter CNG Tanks Certified

| USA, Lake Forest CA

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., a developer of natural gas storage systems, has been granted approval of its Type-IV Q-Lite® CNG tank technology, pursuant to United Nations ECE Regulation No. 110.  This approval will allow Quantum to bring its large diameter Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) tank technology to Europe and Asia and will enable European and Asian trucking firms to realize substantial operating cost reductions through the use of CNG as a transportation fuel.

“We are excited to make our Q-Lite tank technology available to all UN countries and pursue opportunities outside of the North American market,” said Mr. Brian Olson, President and CEO of Quantum.  “Other sizes of CNG storage tanks, which store up to 46.5 diesel gallon equivalents, are planned as well for United Nations certification.”

Quantum says the Q-Lite technology has set standards for the optimization of carbon fiber, yielding the lightest tank in the industry.

(Source: Quantum)

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