Quantum Introduces New Range-Enhancing Lightweight Natural Gas Storage System

| USA, Lake Forest CA

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., developer of alternative fuel technologies, is to roll out its new natural gas storage technology to support rapid commercialization of natural gas powered internal combustion engine vehicles within the heavy duty long-haul and medium duty vehicle segments, among others. The new Q-Liteā„¢ series of fuel systems is based on Quantum’s high pressure hydrogen storage technology.

Brian Olson, Quantum’s Chief Executive Officer and President, said: “The Q-Lite technology is the first in a planned series of advanced fuel system technologies enabling broader scale adoption through lighter weight and more robust storage systems.”

This new ultra-lightweight natural gas storage technology includes a one-piece lightweight liner system that maximizes storage capacity, and new generation shock absorbers and a highly optimized corrosion and fatigue-resistant structural shell that incorporates high strength lightweight aluminum fittings. Developed at Quantum’s Technology Center in Lake Forest, California, the advanced composite natural gas storage cylinder provides dramatic weight reduction, increased fuel storage capacity, and the capability to integrate on vehicles with simple lightweight brackets, resulting in an overall reduction in fuel system weight.

Quantum also plans to expand manufacturing capacity for its lightweight, polymer-lined carbon composite natural gas on-board fuel storage tanks to meet the accelerating demand from North America’s leading OEMs, fleets and system integrators. The Company’s planned facility expansion is expected to double its current production capacity, introducing additional production capacity online starting first quarter 2013.

(This article compiled using information from a Quantum Fuels Systems press releases)

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