Pune Proof-of-Concept Plant Dispenses Vehicular RNG

| India, Pune

Pune, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is home to Primove Engineering Pte Ltd, a niche gas projects company. According to media reports from the region, Primove has built the first private facility in the country to harvest methane from agricultural waste and prepare it for vehicular use as compressed natural gas (CNG).

Sold under the brand name of Agrogas, the renewable natural gas (RNG / biomethane) will be dispensed directly from the company’s plant at Pirangut on the outskirts of Pune. As a small-scale operation it has no commercial requirement to connect to pipeline infrastructure, enabling the company to dispense RNG at a price equal to the current CNG price from regular filling stations.

The Pirangut plant is essentially a proof-of-concept plant, which has the capacity to generate around 125 kilograms of CNG per day, reports Times of India.

Santosh Gondhalekar, director, research and development, said the idea of using agricultural residue for generation of CNG was considered because the problem of disposal of agricultural waste was a major concern in the country.

The company has reportedly already received inquires from the states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab about the plant.

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