Potigás Launches Campaign to Stimulate CNG in Rio Grande do Norte

| Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte

Potigas promotion - Tô no GásBrazilian gas company Companhia Potiguar de Gás (Potigás), responsible for distribution of gas in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, has launched a new initiative designed to revitalise the natural gas vehicle (NGV) fuel market in the state. The initiative’s objectives will be achieved through promotion of the wide distribution of advantages and demystification of the fuel. The Promotion “TÔ NO GAS” will commence on 12/05/2013 and will end on 09/12/2013.

Individuals or entities who install, during the campaign, new conversion kits for use CNG or obtain zero kilometer vehicles run on this fuel can qualify for the promotion and receive a bonus of up to 600m ³ of gas, enough to run around 9,000 km. The volume offered is different, being higher for taxi drivers and fleet owners.

Retrospectively, conversions performed between the start date and 12/04/2013, or vehicles powered by CNG kilometer zero also acquired from the aforementioned date, will also be entitled to participate in the Promotion, provided they meet all compliance prerequisites.

(Source: Potigás)

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