Port of Gävle LNG Terminal Approved for Supply of Transport & Industrial Fuel

| Sweden

Port of Gävle - site of proposed Skangass LNG terminalThe Swedish Government (Länsstyrelsen in Dalarnas Län – County Administrative Board of Dalarna) has granted Skangass AS permission to build and operate a new Terminal for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) within the harbour in Gävle, Sweden. Skangass aims at starting the construction work during 2015.

The permission is given for a storing capacity of 30 000 m3 LNG and an annual throughput of up to 500 000 tonnes of LNG. Prior to applying for permission Skangass and Port of Gävle AB together spent two years conducting a feasibility study including a risk assessment to examine the conditions for the construction of an LNG terminal in the port area.

Port of GävleThe planned LNG terminal is an important part of the expansion of LNG infrastructure in Sweden and the Baltic Sea. The environmental advantages of using LNG instead of oil based fuel within shipping, industry and heavy transportation are substantial. Sulphur and particle emissions are reduced to almost zero, nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission is reduced by 85-90 per cent and the carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced by 25 per cent.

The terminal will supply customers in the transport and industry sectors, replacing less environmentally friendly fuels.

The investment decision will probably be taken during spring 2015. The terminal will be developed in cooperation with Gävle Hamn that invests in building the infrastructure in the harbour area.

(Source: Skangass)

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