Port of Dunkirk Tenders for LNG Bunkering

| France, Dunkirk
Image: Port of Dunkirk

Image: Port of Dunkirk

The Port of Dunkirk has launched an invitation which calls for expressions of interest (EOI) to create a maritime and onshore small scale LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) distribution station. In the tender statement of Context, the Port authority states “A clear trend now seems to be emerging in favor of LNG for recent or new vessels intended to operate permanently in SECA [Sulphur Emission Control Areas] areas.”

Using LNG as a marine fuel requires supporting infrastructure and it is here that the Port of Dunkirk sees itself as ideally placed. With a LNG terminal in course of construction, the port can serve its own future needs for bunkering and potentially feed neighboring ports. In 2015, Dunkirk will be the first port at the entrance to the SECA and the last port of exit able to offer LNG bunkering for transoceanic vessels.

In a first step, any potential player interested in this project is invited to apply. Successful applicants will then be invited to submit a comprehensive project for the Port’s assessment in accordance with the selection criteria. The successful applicant will carry out all the necessary studies and investment for the construction and operation of the new small scale LNG distribution station.

The terms of cooperation are enclosed in the expression of interest document.

(Source: Port of Dunkirk)

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