Port of Barcelona Approves Galp LCNG Refueling Station

| Spain, Barcelona

Port of Barcelona, SpainThe Board of Directors for the Port of Barcelona, in their meeting of June 29, 2016, discussed and approved a proposal regarding the granting of a concession to Galp Energia España, SA (Galp) for the operation of a service station at the Port. The station will supply Liquefied (LNG) and Compressed (CNG) natural gas from its approved location on street Y in close proximity to the Zona Franca, Barcelona airport and the main roads of the city.

The busy Port of Barcelona is one of the largest economic, logistical and heavy duty traffic centres in Spain and Europe. The Board’s decision is made in the context of the Port striving to minimise the impact it generates in environmental and mobility terms on its surrounding area, seeking efficient and sustainable solutions, and considering and proposing solutions for each new challenge. This includes promoting liquefied natural gas as a fuel for trucks, ships and port machinery.

The Port Authority reports it will invest EUR 813k (USD 907k) in the project and the concession is granted to Galp for a period of 22 years.

The filling station will also be open to the public and commercial fleets. It further signals Galp’s commitment to become a major supplier of natural gas fuel. In mid June, Galp submitted an application to install and operate a CNG fueling facility in the province of Madrid,in San Sebastián de los Reyes.

(Source: Galp and Port of Barcelona)

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