Polish NGV Enthusiasts Meet

| Poland

Mercedes-Ben Sprinter NGT on display at the event

cng.auto.pl, a group formed to promote environmentally sound and safe compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel in Poland, held a meeting of natural gas vehicle enthusiasts in Warsaw this week, hosted by Polish Oil and Gas company (PGNiG SA).  Fleet and vehicle owners and PGNiG SA employees received three presentations on CNG, including one made on the GasHighWay project. During the discussions signatures were collected to petition to decision-makers in terms of better access to existing CNG station for private users – in Jaslo and Przemysl.

At the end of the meeting participants had the opportunity to see and test vehicles powered by CNG: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NGT, Fiat Multipla Natural Power range of Opel cars: Astra II, Combo and Zafira A Volkswagen Touran, Volvo S80 and two vehicles converted to CNG: Skoda Octavia II Peugeot 306 .

Presentations topics include:

  • The fuel and CNG market in Poland and Europe, including discussion on future development prospects for biomethane, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen (fuel cells).
  • Promotion of gaseous fuels, particularly natural gas and biogas as transport fuel – PIMOT (GasHighWay)
  • Poland’s CNG environment and requirements to stimulate further development.

“This was the first such meeting organized by cng.auto.pl in 2011”, writes Karol Wieczorek. “We plan to organize similar events with a frequency of once per quarter.”

Item compiled using information from a cng.auto.pl press release

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