PIZZORNO Environnement Opens CNG Station in SE France

| France: Draguignan | Source: PIZZORNO Environnement

Inauguration Dragui Gaz CNG filling stationThe management committee of PIZZORNO Environnement and the leaders of the Beltrame Group have inaugurated the first fueling Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle fueling station in Var, a department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in Southeastern France. The station was opened on Thursday, July 4.

Named Dragui Gaz, the name of the joint subsidiary established by the two companies, this station has been specially designed for refueling the vehicles of both entities.

In total, 26 vehicles responsible for the collection and transport of waste, as well as 84 coaches providing school transportation, regular lines and transport on demand, operate on CNG. CNG is less polluting and reduces fine particulate matter emissions by 95% compared with diesel and gasoline. A vehicle running on natural gas is also much quieter since it reduces noise emissions by 50%.

The future is with bioCNG

To provide an operational response to the economic and environmental requirements of the community and operators, the Dracen station will soon distribute bioGNV (bioCNG). This energy will be produced from methanization at the waste treatment plant, soon to be in service in the department. BioGNV is part of a circular economy by producing 100% renewable energy.

PIZZORNO Environnement is committed to the fact that by 2021, 21% of its rolling stock will operate on alternative energy that is more respectful of the environment.

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