PitPoint a New Force for Alt-Fuels in Netherlands and Belgium

| The Netherlands, Nieuwegein

CNG15-019-NL-Pitpoint 2030Green energy suppliers CNG Net, LNG24 and CNG Realisatie & Onderhoud want 100 percent clean transport in 2030. In an endeavour to bring this to fruition they have joined forces to commit their resources under one name: PitPoint. “We have an ambitious goal, but we are convinced that it is possible,” said Ariel Kemink, director of PitPoint clean fuels. “We will do everything to facilitate the transition to clean fuels.”

Kemink explains: “‘PitPoint’ is an amalgamation of ‘Pit’ – a place synonymous with building and development – and ‘Point’ – the place of distribution where clean fuels are delivered. So our new name fits in perfectly with everything we do. Developing and building the fuel stations. Delivering clean fuels. Making them available at affordable prices. And assisting you in your transition to clean mobility.”

2030 is not that far away: “For us, it may not be fast enough, because we believe that 100 percent clean transport in 2030 is possible,” says Kemink. PitPoint wants to achieve this by increasing the production of green gas and creating multiple filling points for green gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), H2 and electricity. These fuels emit less particulate matter, NOx and CO2 than petrol and diesel. PitPoint makes these materials available and affordable for businesses, individuals and governments, by investing in include the production of green gas. Kemink adds: “The advantage of green gas (CNG) is that it is not only good for the environment and for our health, but also cheaper than gasoline and diesel.”



CNG compressor for a new station at Arnhem in The Netherlands

Under the umbrella of PitPoint, CNG Net and LNG24 have brought more than 60 green gas (CNG) filling stations built in the Netherlands and Belgium. There are currently nine new stations planned, including five in Flanders and four in the Netherlands. Thus PitPoint achieves a considerable increase in the number of green gas (CNG) filling stations in the Netherlands and at the same time it is the start of an international network of CNG filling stations. PitPoint is also involved in building of the first public hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands.

(Source: CNG Net and PitPoint)

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