Pioneer Natural Resources Buys 225 Ford F250s with Westport WiNG System

| Canada, Vancouver

Texas-based independent oil and gas exploration and production company Pioneer Natural Resources, is adding 225 bi-fuel WiNG natural gas powered Ford F250 Super Duty trucks to its fleet. Manufactured by Canadian natural gas engine manufacturer, Westport Innovations Inc, WiNG is an integrated, bi-fuel (natural gas / gasoline) system for fleet customers of passenger and commercial vehicles.

Pioneer has begun transitioning a number of its fleet vehicles from gasoline and diesel powered to those able to run on more cost-effective compressed natural gas (CNG) for light duty, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) for heavy-duty applications.

“Pioneer strives to lead by example with our commitment to natural gas vehicles and engines in our own operations,” said Jay Still, Executive Vice President of Domestic Operations at Pioneer.  “Transitioning to natural gas for our fleet fuel is good economics, good for the environment and good for American jobs.”

“Our team at Pioneer has been driving the WiNG powered Ford F250s since they first became available earlier this year, and we’ve been impressed with the simple order process, delivery times, product and the company,” said Lynn Lyon, Manager of Strategic Projects at Pioneer. “I had a chance to visit the assembly center in June and was impressed with the team and the highly-sophisticated facility.”

Westport LD recently officially opened the Westport Kentucky Integration Center (WKIC) in Louisville where the natural gas WiNG power systems are installed on Ford F250 and F350 bi-fuel pickup trucks. With the ability to run on either natural gas or gasoline, the Ford trucks offer drivers more than 650 miles of range with two full tanks, and can take advantage of a low cost, domestic fuel.

“Pioneer is one of our most important customers and we’re proud that they have chosen Westport WiNG quality and our ability to deliver,” said John Howell, Senior Director of Marketing and Development, Westport LD. “We’re pleased with the industry recognition of Westport LD so soon after opening our new facility. It’s a great vote of confidence in the WiNG product, and it’s encouraging that we’re able to establish a growing market for Ford Super Duty trucks that can be powered by natural gas.”

To support a variety of OEM programs that will enable personal and commercial vehicles to run on natural gas, Westport LD has recently established the assembly center in Louisville, and the Michigan Technical Center in Detroit.

(This article compiled using information from a Westport Innovations, Inc. press release)

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