Peugeot 408 Offered with CNG in Venezuela

| Argentina and Venezuela | Source: entorno inteligente

The Peugeot 408 offered with CNG in Venezuela

Peugeot Argentina has launched the Peugeot 408 for Latin America. Assembled in Argentina for distribution to Latin America, the equipment and product quality displays all the features needed to be marketed as a family vehicle, as public transport (taxi) and as a police patrol, thereby meeting the requirements of the Venezuela-Argentina Binational Import Convention, reports entorno inteligente. PS AUTO SA, marketer of official Peugeot vehicles and parts in Venezuela, will offer the 408 Allure with a compressed natural gas (bi-fuel) option to taxi operators, aimed particularly at operators servicing the tourism sector.

The 408 has a direct injection engine, double overhead cam heads, 4-cylinder, 2.0 liter 16-valve, 143 hp, compliant to Euro 4 standards. The engine is certified for use of CNG by the National Land Transport INTT and the Ministry of Popular Power for Energy and Petroleum (MENPET).

The presentation was given by Messrs. Frederic Drouin, Peugeot’s Director for Latin America, Jeremy Devooght-Ozenne, the 408 Production Manager for Latin America and Antoine Gaston-Breton, head to the Latin American importers. The launch event was attended by representatives from Peugeot of France, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela and Cuba.

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