Peterbilt Adds Westport ISX12 G to Natural Gas Engine Range

| USA, Denton TX

The Peterbilt 320 will be offered with the ISX12 G engine from 2013.

Peterbilt Motors Company will offer the new Cummins Westport ISX12 G in 2013. This engine will be rated up to 400hp and 1,450 pounds of torque. It features spark ignition technology, a 3-way catalyst, and can be configured with a liquefied (LNG) or compressed (CNG) natural gas fuel system. Peterbilt’s three dedicated natural gas engine platforms offer an efficient and clean technology that will benefit customers in a wide range of applications.

“The many benefits of operating a natural-gas powered fleet has created strong demand across all segments of the industry, and Peterbilt is prepared to meet that demand with the widest range of natural-gas powered vehicles and engine choices of any truck manufacturer,” said Bill Kozek, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President.

Peterbilt Model 365, which is used heavily in dump and mixer applications, and the low-cab forward Model 320 ideally suited for refuse applications, will both be offered with the ISX12 G.

Peterbilt also offers two other natural gas engine platforms for the market. The Cummins Westport 8.9 liter ISL G with 320hp at 1,000 pounds of torque, features spark ignition, and a 3-way catalyst emission system that can be configured with either LNG or CNG fuel systems. The second platform is the Westport HD 15 liter engine with 475hp and 1,750 pounds of torque and diesel pilot ignition, which is configured for the LNG fuel system only.

“When you factor in the superior lifecycle costs over diesel, the reduced carbon footprint and the favorable reputation gained as a green-conscious fleet, natural gas both reduces operating costs and can help our customers in the development of new business as many municipalities and shippers are looking to partner with environmentally friendly organization,” said Kozek.

Landon Sproull, Peterbilt’s Chief Engineer added, “Many of the misperceptions of natural-gas vehicles are being dispelled as they become more prevalent. These vehicles provide the same horsepower, torque and fuel economy as their diesel counterparts.”

Peterbilt has been manufacturing trucks featuring liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems since 1996.

(This article compiled using information supplied by Peterbilt Trucks Company)



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