Peter Boisen – An NGV Champion Passes Away

Peter.BoisenMr. Peter Boisen, Honorary Chairman and founder of NGVA Europe, passed away last Monday. He was suffering from a severe illness since 2011. Mr. Boisen relinquished the Chair of NGVA Europe’s Country Representatives Committee in January 2012 but nevertheless continued to be deeply involved in the work of promoting natural gas vehicles until the very end.

“Peter Boisen was a true friend of the natural gas vehicle industry, championing natural gas and renewable natural gas as cleaner, more environmentally responsible and affordable fuels,” said Alicia Milner, Chair of NGV Global. “Although his focus was the development of the NGV industry in Europe, his achievements contributed to the growth of the industry worldwide. He was indeed a worthy recipient of an NGV Global Champions Award in late 2012 at our international conference in Mexico City. On behalf of all members and colleagues, I wish to extend our condolences to Peter’s family. Peter will very much be missed in the industry.”

A former planner and executive of Volvo Cars, where he was responsible for the development of natural gas vehicles, Mr. Boisen was one of the founders of ENGVA (European Natural Gas Vehicle Association) and then its successor NGVA Europe, serving as Chairman for both associations. He created the NGVA Europe’s Country Representatives Committee as an instrument to maintain updated information about the movements and novelties in the NGV market of each country. He held the Committee’s chair until January 2012.

NGV Global’s newly appointed Executive Director, Diego Goldin, acknowledged Peter’s passing with gratitude for his unstinting contribution. “Peter’s intellect, knowledge, energy and passion provided formidable contributions to the global natural gas vehicle industry. His legacy is the ever-expanding interest in and uptake of natural gas vehicles, fast becoming a mainstream option in many regions of the world,” he said.

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