Performance Recreational Fishing with CNG Propulsion

| USA, Apex NC

Blue Gas Marine at Boat ShowThe first factory-built boat designed from the ground-up to seamlessly integrate a natural gas fuel system for the sport fishing market will be introduced by partners Blue Gas Marine, Inc. (BGM) and Dusky Marine for sea trials at the Miami International Boat Show in February (11-15). The Dusky Marine 252 features Blue Gas Marine’s Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel-system technology, designed for maximum range and recreation with low emissions.

The Dusky 252FC, designed for ‘the serious offshore fisherman’ and powered by a Suzuki outboard motor, will have its natural gas fuel system fully integrated into the hull with the CNG tanks below deck. BGM says the the system enables boat owners to avoid the high costs associated with marine gasoline. “With the ability to switch from gasoline to a natural gas energy source on the fly, our customers can have a fuel source that is both wallet and environmentally friendly while maintaining the convenience of traditional gasoline when necessary,” says Dusky VP Michael Brown.


The natural gas fuel system has many environmental advantages compared with mainstream fuel, says BGM, including:

  • Elimination of exhaust smoke and odor
  • No carbon build-up in engine
  • NOx pollution cut by 90%
  • SOx pollution eliminated
  • Carbon emissions down by 25%

The combination of the cheaper fuel and the BGM fuel efficiency gains means that boaters save upwards of 80% in the cost to operate a vessel on Natural Gas versus Gasolinem BGM claims on its website.

(Source: Blue Gas Marine)

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