Pensacola’s Pilot Program Prepares City for NGVs

| USA, Pensacola FL

Pensacola’s first NGV – the Honda Civic GX

The City of Pensacola, Florida has received a new natural gas-fueled vehicle. The car, a Honda Civic GX, is the first natural gas vehicle (NGV) in Mayor Ashton Hayward’s initiative to transition the City fleet from gasoline-based vehicles to NGVs. Hayward has also called on local businesses to consider including CNG vehicles as a cleaner option for their private fleets and to partner with the City on the effort.

The purchase of the Civic GX is the first step in another one of Hayward’s 20 Solutions campaign pledge to explore converting city vehicles to natural gas vehicles, as a way to save money on rising gasoline prices and reduce emissions into the environment.

Hayward said in April he would also be reaching out to other government entities and private companies to explore their interest in participating in a pilot project for CNG vehicles for their fleets. “Fuel costs, as well as the environmental costs, are going to keep rising for any organization with a fleet of vehicles,” said Hayward. “By reaching out to other government and private entities, the City can help those organizations reduce their own costs, cut down on pollution, and support a key enterprise of the City.”

Pensacola currently has one slow-fill compressed natural gas filling station, but is in negotiations to construct a further three filling stations equipped with commercial-grade fast-fill equipment.

This article primarily compiled using information from City of Pensacola press releases.

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