Pennsylvania Funding to Add 281 Natural Gas Trucks

| USA, Harrisburg PA
Penske CNG Rental Truck (Freightliner) 2013

Penske will be adding to its CNG rental fleet with the new grant.

In the U.S. State of Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett has awarded $7.3 million in Act 13 funding to 18 companies, organizations and partnerships making the switch to natural gas for their heavy-duty fleet vehicles. The funding, part of the State’s Natural Gas Energy Development program authorised under Act 13 of 2012, will assist the purchase of 225 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and 56 Liquefied Natural Gas trucks.

“Act 13 not only strengthened oversight of the drilling industry, it allows us to continue growing jobs while cleaning the air at the same time,” Corbett said.  “Natural gas, particularly from the shale formations here in Pennsylvania, is an abundant, affordable, domestic fuel that is putting this country on a path to energy independence.”

Provisions under Act 13 enabled Pennsylvania’s Depratment of Environmental Protection (DEP) to develop and implement the Natural Gas Energy Development program, funded by impact fees paid by natural gas operators.  The program distributed up to $20 million in grants over three years, to help pay for the incremental purchase and conversion costs of heavy-duty natural gas fleet vehicles.

For this third round of the program, DEP received applications from 37 applicants requesting more than $10 million in grants.  The first two rounds awarded a total $14.4 million to 43 companies and organizations making the switch to natural gas.

Eligible vehicles for all three rounds of the Natural Gas Energy Development program included those fueled with CNG, LNG or bi-fuel vehicles weighing 14,000 pounds or more. Grant requests could not exceed 50 percent of the incremental purchase or retrofit cost per vehicle or a maximum total of $25,000 per vehicle.

The 18 companies, organizations and partnerships that were awarded grants are listed below, alphabetically by county, with a brief project description and funding amount:

– Giant Eagle, purchase 16 CNG vehicles – $400,000
– Penske Truck Leasing, purchase 20 CNG trucks – $500,000

– Beemac Trucking, purchase 15 CNG trucks – $375,000

– Constructural Dynamics, toward the purchase of 20 CNG concrete mixer trucks – $500,000

– NFI Interactive Logistics, purchase 15 CNG trucks: $375,000
– New Era Logistics, toward the purchase of 10 LNG trucks: $250,000

– Ryder Truck Rental with partner Modern Transportation, purchase 10 CNG trucks: $250,000

– Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities with partners Road Scholar Trucking, DeNaples Auto Parts, and DeNaples Sanitation, convert 19 vehicles to CNG: $475,000

– Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities with partner W.W. Transport, purchase and convert 30 trucks to CNG: $500,000

– Sheehy Mail Contractors, purchase 20 CNG trucks: $500,000

– REV Hoopes Trucking, purchase 20 LNG trucks: $500,000
– REV LNG, purchase 16 LNG trucks: $400,000

– Penske Truck Leasing, purchase 20 CNG trucks: $500,000

– Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities with partner United Parcel Service, purchase 20 CNG trucks: $500,000

Multiple locations

  • Penske Truck Leasing, purchase 20 CNG trucks for deployment in Dauphin and York counties: $500,000
  • CR England, toward the purchase of 10 LNG trucks that will travel through Lancaster, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties: $239,197
  • Waste Management of Pennsylvania, purchase 25 CNG refuse vehicles to be used in Pen Argyl, Northampton County, as well as Erie and Washington counties: $500,000
  • Northeast Associates, convert five trucks to CNG, traveling through Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Fayette, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties: $125,000
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