Pennsylvania Approves Grants for Five Natural Gas Filling Stations

| USA, Harrisburg PA

Pennsylvania Capitol HillThe U.S. State of Pennsylvania is expanding its commitment to advance clean, alternative and renewable energy sources with the investment of more than $1.8 million in 5 projects. The grants will assist in the construction of four CNG filling stations and one LNG station which have the benefits of reducing emissions, fuel savings and utilizing the large domestic source of natural gas available in Pennsylvania.

“We have an available, abundant, domestic, economical and clean-burning supply of natural gas throughout Pennsylvania that can be used in a number of ways including to fuel our vehicles,” said Corbett. “Increasing the number of natural gas filling stations in the state will grow the industry, boost our economy and result in a better environment.”

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)/Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Projects:

Allegheny County
Desdemona Holdings LP will receive a $372,300 grant and a $248,200 loan to support the construction of a CNG fueling station and network in western Pennsylvania under the American Natural Retail brand. The semi-public fueling stations will target the public transportation sector and local taxis. The first project located in the City of Pittsburgh expects a minimum of 20 high mileage vehicles frequenting the station.

Beaver County
Beemac Trucking LLC will receive a $469,292 grant for the construction of a CNG fueling station for use by their tractor trailer fleet and the public. The station will have two separate pump dispenser units and will be open around-the-clock to the public for CNG fueling. Additionally, Beemac has ordered 20 new CNG dedicated class eight tractors trailers. The CNG tractor trailers will avoid the consumption of 254,800 gallons of diesel fuel annually.

Cumberland County
Clean Energy will receive a $539,014 grant to construct a public access LNG filling station with two fast fill pumps at the Carlisle Flying-J Truck Stop, an existing gasoline and diesel station. Clean Energy estimates usage of the LNG will increase each year until the fifth year, when it is expected to reach its projected annual volume of 3.2 million gallons of diesel equivalent gallons per year.

Erie County
Birkmire Trailer Company will receive a $207,969 grant to assist in the construction of a CNG filling station. The station will have a 125 gallon per hour CNG compressor and 16 slow fill dispensers with fast fill capability. The company will purchase six new CNG trucks and will convert 15 existing trucks to CNG, still allowing for diesel fuel capabilities. Converting to CNG will reduce diesel use by 358,767 gallons per year, saving the company $827,880 annually. The station will be semi-public, providing access to other trucking companies in the area.

Lackawanna County
LT Verrastro, Inc. will receive a $217,399 grant to construct a CNG filling station. The station will have a 125hp CNG compressor with three dual-hose posts for time fill and one mini fast fill dispenser. Converting to CNG will reduce the diesel consumption by 25,000 gallons in the first year. Lt Verrastro will purchase five CNG trucks and will continue to replace its fleet over the next six years, purchasing a total of 50 CNG vehicles. Once replaced, the new fleet will reduce the company’s diesel consumption by 250,000 gallons in one year.

(Source: State of Pennsylvania)

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