Partnership Delivers CNG, LNG and Dollars for Education

| USA, Tallahassee FL

Shovels ready for ground breaking of nopetro CNG/LNG station

Nopetro LLC, based in Tallahassee, Florida, is dedicated to developing a network of publicly accessible liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations throughout the US Southeast for heavy and medium duty vehicles. The groundwork for the first of those stations has taken place within a partnership between Nopetro and Leon County School District (Tallahassee) which is switching its school bus fleet to CNG. The school signed an agreement for nopetro to build a natural gas fueling station for the district and share back royalties from private sales.

Leon County Superintendent of Schools Jackie Pons said the district will transition 44 buses to CNG by the time the station opens and hopes to transition the entire fleet to natural gas within five to 10 years. She broke ground on the public-private natural gas fueling station on February 7th,  that will reduce the school district’s fuel costs, keeping more dollars in the classroom.

Nopetro will own and operate the station.

“Nopetro is committed to building a network of natural gas fueling stations around Florida that will make it possible for big trucks and municipal vehicles to switch to natural gas at a cost savings of at least 25 percent. The Leon County station is the first link in that chain,” Herrera said. “We invite local companies with truck fleets to look into converting to natural gas because we will be open for business this summer.”

“Floridians have said they want more money spent on students in the classroom, that’s why my budget calls for $1 billion in new K-12 spending and why this project is good for Leon County’s students,” said Gov. Rick Scott. “This is a great example of how government and the private sector can work together to create jobs in a way that everyone wins, especially the students.”

(This item compiled using information from a Nopretro LLC press release)

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