Parker FM80 Fuel Regulation Module First to Offer CSA Certification

| USA, Richmond CA
Parker FM80

Parker FM80 – front (L), back (R)

Parker Hannifin Corporation (Parker), a global motion and control technologies provider had achieved CSA certification to ANSI NGV 3.1-2014/CSA 12.3-2014 – Fuel system components for compressed natural gas powered vehicles for its FM80 Fuel Regulation Module. Parker’s press release states this makes the FM80 the only fuel regulation module to adhere to the certification’s concepts of safety, performance and durability.

Parker’s FM80 is described as the industry’s only fully integrated CNG (compressed natural gas) flow control and regulation system for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with 5- to 12-liter engines. Parker’s advanced FM80 withstands extreme variations in temperature, flow, vibration, supply pressure, and gas composition, setting a new standard in CNG fuel handling.

According to Madhukar Puniani, Business Development Manager (Natural Gas Systems), Parker Veriflo Division, “With its CSA certification to ANSI NGV 3.1-2014/CSA 12.3-2014, the Parker FM80 Fuel Regulation Module is the standout choice for customers looking to optimize the safety and durability of their CNG fuel systems.”

Parker test vehicle with NGV Global logo

Parker used their test vehicle to promote natural gas for transportation

“This is one of the toughest certifications to achieve,” Puniani told NGV Global News. “We took the opportunity to drive our test vehicle throughout the western U.S., using the opportunity to draw attention to NGV Global’s international role in standards development and advocacy (with NGV Global logo displayed on the vehicle) while also promoting the message of NGV use. The drive exposed the technology to the vagaries of Western U.S. temperatures- high altitude and hot valleys, adding to the total road test distance of over 1 million Kms in a variety of applications including biogas run tractors, waste hauling and over the road – and 4 million cycles in the lab.”

“This certification also ensures ultra low over-all release of anyParker FM80 (full view) gases into the atmosphere thus reinforcing the safety as well as low carbon footprint and GHG release from CNG trucks,” Puniani added.

Mike Zimmerman, General Manager of Rush Enterprises – Momentum Fuel Technologies, stated, “It has been very beneficial to collaborate with Parker Hannifin. Our optimized system, which includes the FM80 fuel regulation module, helps customers use more of their existing fuel, giving them better performance and an improved range,” he said.

Momentum Fuel Technologies has side mount, back of the cab and roof mounted configurations available for CNG truck and bus applications.

Parker, an NGV Global Corporate Sponsor, leads the way in the design and manufacture of multi-technology systems, subsystems, and components that filter, regulate, control, and convey CNG. Parker Veriflo also offers the industry’s best fleet dispensing solutions for high-flow, high-cycle CNG applications.

Last month, Parker achieved CSA Group certification for its XF70 Fast Fill Commercial and Fleet Dispenser, to ANSI/IAS NGV 4.1-99/CSA 12.5-M99 (R2014) – NGV Dispensing Systems, making the XF70 the only commercial and fleet dispenser to achieve the certification.

(Source: Parker Hannifin Corporation)

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