Paris Renews Derichebourg Contract for CNG-Powered Waste Collection

| France, Paris

Derichebourg Waste Collection VehiclePolyurbaine, a subsidiary of the Derichebourg Group specializing in waste management and urban waste, was selected by the City of Paris for door to door collection of household and similar waste. Of the 10 districts entrusted to the private sector, 4 districts will be collected by the the Group, namely the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 7th districts, the latter being added to the contract for the first time.

The contract, for a period of five years plus three optional years, amounted to € 110 million (USD 150 m).

The Derichebourg Group confirms its commitment to the environment through the commissioning of 40 vehicles with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines and a location in the heart of the territory and in close proximity to treatment centers managed by SYCTOM, the metropolitan agency for household waste management.

Polyurbaine collecting 1 million tonnes of household waste per annum, delivering household waste collection, street cleaning and waste management centers in 454 communes in France and 160 towns in Italy.

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